How to conclude a research paper

How to conclude a research paper

How to conclude a research paper

Review (translation from Latin) is a message, an assessment, a review of a work of art. Its essence is to express a personal attitude to the book. The reviewer, presenting his opinion, forms the impression of the readers. He attracts everyone’s attention to the work or, on the contrary, discourages interest.

To write a review, be sure to carefully read the book. When writing do not use other people’s reviews. Identify the target audience, and in accordance with the form and filing. You must khow how to conclude a research paper/

Be sure to indicate the authorship and title of the work, the output data (if the book is published). Specify the genre in the form (novel, novel) and in content (fiction, alternative history). Describe the storyline, list the characters, places of action and key points.

Do not retell the book. The purpose of the review is to generate interest in the work, analyze and analyze it. Write according to the plan: the meaning of the title, analysis of content and form, features of the composition, the skill of the author and his style. Evaluate the main idea and relevance of the subject. This is a sample, it is not necessary to disclose all the components, most importantly, make the review interesting and competent.

Describe the impression of the book: powerful or weak, whole or fragmented, pleasant or pathetic. Note how logical the plot is. Pay attention to the heroes: in detail they are described, how natural is their psychology and behavior, what emotions they cause (empathy or disgust). Analyze the reliability of the details.

Indicate errors and blunders, if any. The main thing is to make sure that these are really blunders, and not an intentional distortion of reality and events by the author. Emphasize the social significance, for example, moments useful for education or self-knowledge. Note the relevance of the work, how relevant the topic for society.

Do not go to the person. Working on the review, do not criticize its author. Do not interfere in personal life, religious or political worldviews, habits, illnesses or weaknesses. If you do not have a specific quote from an interview with the author, suppose and conjecture, for example, “like the author wanted to say.” Speak for yourself or a potential reader. Do you know how to conclude a research paper?